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President’s Message 会长致辞 D ear Members, This publication represents a distillation of experiences, plans, insights and the views of 219 companies caught up in one of the most challenging and yet dynamic times facing © 2018 The American Chamber of Commerce in South China 版权所有 华南美国商会 2018 年 trade between the United States and China. The companies which participated in our Study 尊 敬的会员: 本报告汇总了219家受访企业的经验、计 represent a group which spans nearly every type of 划、见解及观点,他们正处于美中贸易最具挑战及 enterprise and at every size. It includes companies 多变的时期。此批受访企业来自各行各业、规模不 Reproduction for commercial use is strictly prohibited. This document is available free of originating from the U.S., China, and many 一,包括来自美中及许多其他国家的企业。这些在 charge in electronic form at: http://www.amcham-southchina.org countries from around the world with established 中国建立了业务的企业心系美中贸易的前景。从此 businesses in China who are concerned about 份报告中也可看出,受现今贸易摩擦影响的不仅是 the future of trade between the U.S. and China. 美中企业,还有许多其他国家的企业。 严禁复制以作商业用途。华南美国商会官方网站提供该出版物电子版免费下载。 The Study shows that today’s trade frictions are Last updated: October 26, 2018 最后更新2018年10月26日 The American Chamber of Commerce in South China impacting not just companies from the U.S. and China, but also many from around the world. 在我们发布此次调查结果之际,近期许多 的言论及多数的指责似乎都忽略了这样一个事 实——美中贸易关系是在多层次上发挥作用的关 As we present the results of this Study, it 系,而贸易平衡不过是错综复杂的关系中的一 Suite 1801, Guangzhou International Sourcing Center seems that many recent accounts, and much of 环。我坚信,用“紧密联系”形容美中两个经济 8 East Pazhou Avenue, Haizhu District the finger-pointing, miss the fact that the U.S.- 体不过是走马观花的说法。事实上,我建议双方 Guangzhou, Guangdong, PRC, 510335 China trade relationship is one that functions on 重振过去“乒乓外交”的局面,并就双边关系如 multiple layers. Balance of trade is but one stratum 同一颗小小的乒乓球来回斡旋达成共识——评论 of a far more involved relationship, and I firmly 妙球或差球不过嘴上功夫,但归根究底,只有宏 believe that to call our two economies “closely 观局势,我们才能共同受益,这也是后代评论我 linked” is really only scratching the surface. I 们的量尺。 华南美国商会 中国广东省广州市海珠区琶洲大道东路8号 广州国际采购中心1801室, 510335 would suggest, in fact, that we revive the image of Tel. (86 20) 8335 1476 “ping pong diplomacy” from our mutual past and Fax. (86 20) 8332 1642 consider that value continues to bounce back and 点。但需指出的在此次调查结果中脱颖...
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