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icon 欧洲智库-2021年的世界:将影响国际议程的十个问题(英)

ISSN: 2013-4428 CIDOB notes internacionals 243 DECEMBER 2020 THE WORLD IN 2021: ten issues that will shape the international agenda Text finalised on December 11th 2020. This Nota Internacional is the result of the collective reflection of the CIDOB research team in collaboration with EsadeGeo. Coordinated and edited by Eduard Soler i Lecha, it has benefited from contributions by members from both organisations (Hannah Abdullah, Anna Ayuso, Jordi Bacaria, Ana Ballesteros, Pol Bargués, Moussa Bourekba, Anna Busquets, Carmen Claudín, Carme Colomina, Emmanuel Comte, Carlota Cumella, Anna Estrada, Francesc Fàbregues, Oriol Farrés, Agustí Fernández de Losada, Blanca Garcés, Eva Garcia, Andrea G. Rodríguez, Séan Golden, Berta Güell, Marc Ibáñez, Esther Masclans, Óscar Mateos, Sergio Maydeu, Pol Morillas, Francesco Pasetti, Oriol Puig, Enrique Rueda, Olatz Ribera, Héctor Sánchez, Ángel Saz, Cristina Serrano, Eloi Serrano, Marie Vandendriessche and Martina Valls) as well as by several individual partners of CIDOB. 2020 has been a year of destruction, but 2021 could be synonymous with construction or reconstruction. We are at a critical juncture, a time of many risks, but also of opportunities that may or may not be seized. 2021 will be a year of action, of individual and collective decisions whose impact will stretch far beyond the year itself. One question will repeatedly arise in 2021’s multi-level (re)construction exercise: Is a return to the normal possible or even desirable? This question will permeate debates as diverse as those on the economic recovery, the United States’ role in the world, the management of unrest, mobility, and the validity of the European construction model. The pre-coronavirus world was already deeply unequal, but the decisions made in 2021 will either correct or widen those inequalities on multiple levels. The big issue of 2021 will be the distribution of wealth and income. The gaps will grow between those with access to credit and those without, and between the different levels of preparedness and adaptability to the technological transformation. For broad swathes of the economy and society the recovery will be very weak or even non-existent. U ncertainty. A common term for describing the future, but 2021 will give it new meaning. The outbreak of the pandemic in 2019 has spread a feeling of vulnerability across the planet. It has changed our daily lives with a speed and intensity that has reminded us of the fragility of what we thought strong and the malleability of what we thought immutable. We are now much more aware of the immediacy and forcefulness with which unexpected changes can take hold. The pandemic has been a powerful reminder of t...
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