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icon 人工智能:未来决策制定的机遇与影响

 Artificial intelligence: opportunities and implications for the future of decision making Government Office for Science Artificial intelligence: opportunities and implications for the future of decision making Foreword We are in currently in the foothills of a new technological revolution. Artificial intelligence has the potential to be as transformative in our lifetimes as the steam-powered economy of the 19th century. Already it’s letting us to talk to our smartphones, recommending us music, describing photos for the visually impaired and flagging up fire risks in cities. In the near future we could see it deployed in everything from driverless cars, to intelligent energy grids, to the eradication of infectious diseases. In government too we are looking at the potential applications of this technology in the delivery of public services. Our Government Data Programme is increasing the number of projects and data scientists in government, while playing a leading role in establishing the appropriate use of these powerful new tools. As one the world’s leading digital nations, artificial intelligence presents a huge opportunity for the UK. Get this right, and we can create a more prosperous economy with better and more fulfilling jobs. We can protect our environment by using resources more efficiently. And we can make government smarter, using the power of data to improve our public services. As we've seen already in many areas, much routine cognitive work - the filing, sifting and sorting - can increasingly be automated, freeing people up to focus on the more human aspects of any job. The Prime Minister has announced an independent review of modern employment practices, so that the support we provide businesses and workers keeps pace with changes in the labour market and the economy. Artificial intelligence also poses new questions about ethics and governance, the responsible use of data and strong cyber defences. To realise the full potential of this revolution, again we have to be ready with answers. I am pleased that the Royal Society and the British Academy are conducting a review that will consider how best the UK might manage the use of artificial intelligence. This note sets out where the science is heading, describes some of the implications for society and government, and shows how we can responsibly use this technology to improve the lives and living standards of everyone in Britain. It is a timely and important piece of work from the Government Chief Scientific Adviser. Matt Hancock Minister for Digital and Culture Artificial intelligence: opportunities and implications for the future of decision making Contents Foreword .........................................
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