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icon 新技术和数据的地缘政治影响建议报告(英)

Atlantic Council GEOTECH CENTER Report of the Commission on the Geopolitical Impacts of New Technologies and Data Atlantic Council GEOTECH CENTER The Atlantic Council GeoTech Center works to shape the global future of data and technology together. ISBN-13: 978-1-61977-178-9 This report is written and published in accordance with the Atlantic Council Policy on Intellectual Independence. The authors are solely responsible for its analysis and recommendations. The Atlantic Council and its donors do not determine, nor do they necessarily endorse or advocate for, any of this report’s conclusions. May 2021 Cover: Double Keck Lasers by Jason Chu Photography, https://jason-chu.pixels.com Website: This report includes an interactive website, https://atlanticcouncil.org/geotechreport Commission on the Geopolitical Impacts of New Technologies and Data In preparing this report for the United States and its allies, to include members of Congress, the new presidential administration, private industry, academia, and like-minded nations, the Commission on the Geopolitical Impacts of New Technologies and Data sought to provide a compass bearing between where the world stood in 2020-2021 and a freer, more secure, and more prosperous world in 2031. Data capabilities and new technologies impact geopolitics, global competition, and global opportunities for collaboration. The coming decade must address the sophisticated but potentially fragile systems that now connect people and nations, and incorporate resiliency as a necessary foundational pillar of modern life. To maintain national and economic security and competitiveness in the global economy, the United States and its allies must continue to be preeminent in key technology areas, and take measures to ensure the trustworthiness and sustainability of the digital economy, the analog economy, and their infrastructures to include: • • • • • • • Global science and technology leadership Secure data and communications Enhanced trust and confidence in the digital economy Assured supply chains and system resiliency Continuous global health protection and global wellness Assured space operations for public benefit Future of work The report’s practical, implementable recommendations will enable Co-Chairs Mr. John Goodman Ms. Teresa Carlson Honorary Co-Chairs Sen. Mark Warner Sen. Rob Portman Rep. Suzan DelBene Rep. Michael McCaul Commissioners Mr. Max R. Peterson II Mr. Paul Daugherty Mr. Maurice Sonnenberg Hon. Michael Chertoff Hon. Michael J. Rogers Mr. Pascal Marmier Ramayya Krishnan, PhD Hon. Shirley Ann Jackson, PhD Hon. Susan M. Gordon Vint Cerf, PhD Zia Khan, PhD Anthony Scriffignano, PhD Ms. Frances F. Townsend Admiral James Stavri...
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