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France’s Indo‑Pacific Strategy Table of Contents 4 Foreword by the President of the French Republic 6 Foreword by the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of the French Republic 9 Section One The Indo‑Pacific: a region with polarizing tensions and significant global issues 39 Section Three France’s partnerships in the Indo‑Pacific 40 3.1. Strategic partnerships 10 1.1. Geopolitical balances of power are changing 43 3.2. Partnership with ASEAN 46 12 1.2. A structuring axis of the global economy 3.3. France’s actions in the Pacific Ocean 50 14 1.3. The Indo‑Pacific at the heart of global issues and the objectives of sustainable development 3.4. France’s actions in the Indian Ocean 17 Section Two France and the Indo‑Pacific, presence and influence 18 2.1. Overseas territories, at the heart of the French strategy 23 2.2. The French State’s network and its agencies 24 2.3. Military and security presence 28 2.4. Economic footprint 32 2.5. Partnerships in education, research, and innovation 55 Section Four France’s objectives and actions in the Indo‑Pacific 56 Pillar 1: Security and Defence 59 Pillar 2: Economy, connectivity, research, and innovation 62 Pillar 3: Multilateralism and the rule of law 65 Pillar 4: Climate change, biodiversity, sustainable management of oceans 69 Section Five Reinforcing the commitment of the European Union in the Indo‑Pacific 70 5.1. Presence of the EU in the region 71 5.2. A European strategy for the Indo‑Pacific 74 Glossary •3
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