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India-U.S. Relations July 19, 2021 Congressional Research Service https://crsreports.congress.gov R46845 SUMMARY India-U.S. Relations India is expected to become the world’s most populous country, home to about one of every six people. Many factors combine to infuse India’s government and people with “great power” aspirations: its rich civilization and history; expanding strategic horizons; energetic global and international engagement; critical geography (with more than 9,000 miles of land borders, many of them disputed) astride vital sea and energy lanes; major economy (at times the world’s fastest growing) with a rising middle class and an attendant boost in defense and power projection capabilities (replete with a nuclear weapons arsenal and triad of delivery systems); and vigorous science and technology sectors, among others. In recognition of India’s increasingly central role and ability to influence world affairs—and with a widely held assumption that a stronger and more prosperous democratic India is good for the United States—the U.S. Congress and three successive U.S. Administrations have acted both to broaden and deepen America’s engagement with New Delhi. Such engagement follows decades of Cold War-era estrangement. Washington and New Delhi launched a “strategic partnership” in 2005, along with a framework for long-term defense cooperation that now includes large-scale joint military exercises and significant defense trade. In concert with Japan and Australia, the United States and India in 2020 reinvigorated a Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (“Quad”) as a flagship initiative in the U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy. The Biden Administration has strongly embraced the Quad mechanism. In 2021, mutual efforts to address the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic have been at the forefront of bilateral engagement. Bilateral trade and investment have increased, while a relatively wealthy Indian-American community is exercising newfound domestic political influence, and Indian nationals account for a large proportion of foreign students on American college campuses and foreign workers in the information technology sector. R46845 July 19, 2021 K. Alan Kronstadt, Coordinator Specialist in South Asian Affairs Shayerah I. Akhtar Specialist in International Trade and Finance William A. Kandel Analyst in Immigration Policy Liana W. Rosen Specialist in International Crime and Narcotics Sara M. Tharakan Analyst in Global Health and International Development Jill H. Wilson Yet more engagement has meant more areas of friction in the partnership, many of which attract Analyst in Immigration congressional attention. India’s economy, while slowly reforming, continues t...
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