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icon 上海美国商会调研报告:新冠疫情对企业的影响-上海美国商会-2022.6-17页

AmCham Shanghai June Covid Impact Survey 上海美国商会调研报告: 新冠疫情对企业的影响 2022年6月|上海 Survey Highlights Between June 7-9, AmCham Shanghai conducted a survey of its members to assess the impact of recent Covid lockdowns in Shanghai on foreign companies. The survey was answered by 133 member companies, with 69 respondents from the manufacturing sector and 64 respondents from the consumer and services sectors. The key survey findings include: • 93% of respondents have cut their revenue projections for the year. 25% of respondents expect revenues to be more than 20% lower than originally projected, while this figure reaches 36% for consumer and service companies. • 25% of consumer and services companies have decreased their investment plans, as have 20% of manufacturing companies. Just one respondent plans to increase their investment in China. • 26% of manufacturers are accelerating the localization of their China supply chains while moving production of global products out of the country. 23% of manufacturers said that the Shanghai lockdowns had not impacted their supply chain strategy. • Nearly three-quarters of respondents (74%) had no unexpected resignations of expatriate staff due to the recent lockdowns. • Among manufacturers, 35% are operating at full capacity, 25% are operating at or below 75% capacity, and 3% have not resumed operations. Among consumer and service sector companies, only 27% are fully operational. • Among respondents who are not yet operating at full capacity, 71% need their workers to be allowed to move freely between home and the workplace while more than half (53%) need better coordination with neighborhood committees in order to return to full capacity. • Only 9% of respondents have received economic support measures from the Shanghai government to help them recover from the effects of the lockdowns, while an additional 19% have applied for support and are still waiting. 调研概要 2022年6月7日至9日期间,上海美国商会向会员企业发起了新一轮调研,旨在了解近期的上海疫情以及封控政策对在沪外资企业的 影响。此次调研共收到133家会员企业的反馈(含69家制造业企业和64家消费品及服务业企业)。主要调研结果如下: • 93%的受访企业下调了2022年的营收预期,其中25%的受访企业的预计营收较年初下调20%以上;36%的消费品及服务业企业的预 计营收较年初下滑20%以上。 • 25%的消费品及服务业企业与20%的制造业企业缩减了计划投资规模。仅有一家受访企业表示计划增加在华投资; • 26%的制造业企业表示正在加速中国供应链本土化,将全球产品的生产转移到国外。23%的制造业企业表示,上海的疫情封控管 理措施并未影响其供应链战略; • 近四分之三(74%)的受访企业表示封控管理措施并没有导致外籍员工的计划外离职; • 35%的受访制造业企业已全面恢复产能,25%的制造业企业产能仍未超过75%,3%的企业尚未复工。在受访的...
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